Research Projects

Equilibrio is honored and excited to be contributing to ongoing research in the field of bodywork for women's health.

Assaf Harofeh Hospital

Tel Aviv, Israel

Rachel is leading a 3 year research project focusing on decreasing interventions and improving outcomes in birth using balance techniques on the mom’s body, and by understanding the baby’s position and how to add more space in the uterus and pelvis when needed.

The goal is to decrease vacuum and cesarean deliveries, as well as labor inductions and augmentations. This will reduce both maternal and neonatal morbidity, and improve the birth experience for the birth giver, the baby, the family, and the medical staff.

Malmo Hospital

Malmo, Sweden

Rachel is working with the Malmo Hospital in Sweden on ongoing Spinning Babies research projects, as well as providing Equilibrio Internal Pelvic Balance training for physicians and midwives in the birth setting. This research is aimed at decreasing interventions, improving maternal and neonatal outcomes, and maximizing natural births when wanted by the birth giver.