Rachel Shapiro of Equilibrio

Clinic with Rachel

Rachel is dedicated to meeting the reproductive and general health needs of clients of all ages.

Whether you want to achieve pregnancy, prevent pregnancy (for now), are due for your annual well-woman exam, or are seeking relief from pelvic pain, Rachel will provide you with safe and comprehensive care.​

Here are some of the areas that can be resolved by Rachel in her private practice in Jerusalem.

women's health
  • fertility
  • diaphragm fittings
  • pain with sex
  • pelvic pain
  • hip pain
  • back pain
  • post-hysterectomy healing
  • annual well woman care
  • baby's position (breech, OP, transverse etc)
  • back ache
  • heartburn / reflux
  • leg cramps
  • pelvic pain
  • symphysiolysis
  • sleeplessness
  • hip pain
  • history of long birth
  • history of Caesarean birth or VBAC attempt
  • post-dates no labour
  • prodromal labour (contractions that start and stop for days)
  • poor repair of stitches after birth
  • post Caesarean birth scar tissue
  • remediation therapy
  • 6-week postpartum gynaecological assessment including pelvic floor
  • neck and back pain from nursing
  • tailbone pain

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Equilibrio Balancing Treatment

Rachel Shapiro equilibrio balancing treatment

Equilibrio is based on a gentle, but thorough approach to adding balance to the body in times of fertility, pregnancy, postpartum, and for general wellbeing. It is focused on female anatomy, and restores balance to muscles, ligaments, fascial connective tissue, bones, and joints using a combination of massage, osteopathic, chiropractic, and fascial techniques. 

Treatments can help with a range of issues, including (but not limited to):


  • Improving natural fertility
  • In conjunction with fertility treatments

Pregnancy (20+ weeks)

  • General wellbeing, and to prevent discomfort, especially if there were discomfort or imbalances pre-existing this pregnancy or in previous pregnancies.
  • Pre-birth for an easier delivery: make more space in your uterus and pelvis for baby! We recommend you schedule a visit in advance for when you are 37-38 weeks.
  • Start-and-stop contractions
  • History of challenging birth
  • Pelvic pain (sacro-iliac joints, tailbone, sacrum, generalized pain, sitz bones)
  • Symphysiolysis (pubic bone, front and center pain)
  • Back pain
  • Varicose veins (vulvar or in legs)
  • Severe nausea or heartburn
  • Difficulty sleeping
  • High blood pressure

Postpartum (6+ weeks after birth)

  • After a birth, restore balance for your body
  • Pelvic: if you experienced pelvic pain in pregnancy (ie symphysiolysis), restore balance after birth for an easier future pregnancy and more comfort right now
  • Breastfeeding: improve breast milk production via circulation, and decrease aches and pains from nursing


  • Pre-menopause: prepare your body for an easier menopausal transition with annual balancing sessions
  • During menopause: regulate hormonal production for an easier menopausal experience with decreased symptoms (we recommend 1 visit per month.)
  • Post-menopause: improve joint functions and fluidity, restore and maintain a new balance with annual sessions
initial intake session

90 minutes - 1,200 NIS

subsequent sessions

60 minutes - 850 NIS

Internal Holistic Pelvic Balance

Rachel Shapiro during an Internal Holistic Pelvic Balance appointment

This visit is appropriate for the following issues:

  • pelvic pain
  • poor repair after birth
  • pain with sex
  • improving fertility
  • balance after IUD removal
  • baby in breech presentation
  • pre-birth prep for an easier delivery and more space for baby
  • postpartum to ease discomfort after birth
initial intake session

90 minutes - 1,200 NIS

subsequent sessions

60 minutes - 850 NIS

Breech Balancing

Rachel Shapiro during a Breech Balancing appointment

This 2-part treatment will create more space for your baby, allowing your baby to rotate if s/he wants to.

This treatment can stand alone in an effort to create more space for your baby to turn head down.

It can also be done before and/or after an External Cephalic Version (ECV.) Many people have had success with their babies turning as a result of Breech Balancing before a scheduled ECV, or, after a first ECV attempt failed and then the second, post-balancing ECV succeeded.

This is appropriate if your baby is currently in a breech presentation or transverse lie, and if you will be 30+ weeks pregnant at the time of the visit (right up until labor.)

If your baby is not in a breech presentation, an EQUILIBRIO Balancing Treatment can help increase space and balance during pregnancy.

NOTE: Whether you are planning a vaginal birth or a scheduled cesarean delivery, research shows that adding balance to the soft tissues of your pelvis improves recovery for you after birth, as well as your baby’s health throughout the rest of your pregnancy.


90 minutes - 1,200 NIS


90 minutes - 1,200 NIS

Diaphragm Fitting

Rachel Shapiro talking about a diaphragm fitting

This is for people seeking non-hormonal contraception.

The visit includes 4 parts: diaphragm information, detailed directions for use for maximal protection, a fitting for the correct size, and 2 experiences of you placing and removing the diaphragm on yourself to ensure you are comfortable using this at home. Rachel carries the diaphragms and gel in the office, and you’ll leave a visit ready for use.

IMPORTANT: this visit can only be scheduled around ovulation (around the day of mikveh), or 8+ weeks after birth. Please ONLY schedule your visit for this time.

To WhatsApp Rachel with questions about ovulation before booking, message her here.

single session

60 minutes - 850 NIS

diaphragm (optional)

350 NIS

gel (optional)

140 NIS per bottle

Prenatal Care

Rachel Shapiro during a Prenatal Care appointment

Your belly, your body, and your spirit all need nourishing in pregnancy.

Prenatal visits start from conception. At a prenatal with Rachel you will talk about nutrition, feel your baby’s position together, listen to your baby’s heart rate together, measure your baby’s growth, check your blood pressure and as needed your urine, and discuss the options in pregnancy and birth for you and your baby’s health. You will have the time and space to ask Rachel about your pregnancy, birth, and wellbeing.

each session

Each session - 60 minutes - 850 NIS

Birth Prep with Spinning Babies®

Rachel Shapiro during a Birth Prep with Spinning Babies appointment

Rachel is a co-developer of Spinning Babies® Advanced Bodywork classes and contributed to their Parent Education Classes curriculum. She teaches internationally, and provides both childbirth education and bodywork in the Spinning Babies® method.

If you are looking to understand better how to create an easier birth experience, to connect with your baby and with yourself, to better support or receive the support of a partner, then this is for you. For first births, learning to restore balance in your body is a powerful add-on to your childbirth education classes; for subsequent births, it works beautifully as a standalone birth prep class.

First Birth

initial intake session

3 hours - 2,500 NIS / $800 USD

subsequent sessions

60 minutes - 850 NIS / $275 USD

Subsequent Birth

single session

2 hours - 1,750 NIS / $550 USD

Birth Processing (Consult for Parents)

Rachel Shapiro talking to parents about Birth Processing

After birth, parents can sometimes feel confused and want more information. Whatever your emotional and physical experience was, you may be seeking a deeper understanding of what exactly happened during your baby’s birth.

If you would like to understand your birth better, to have a place to process your experience and be heard, and to receive a deeper understanding of the journey your baby and your body took together in birth and during any possible interventions, this visit is for you.

single session

90 minutes - 1,200 NIS / $375 USD

Birth Processing (Consult for Professionals)

Rachel Shapiro talking to a professional about Birth Processing

This process offers birth professionals around the world the opportunity to consult and understand more about a specific birth, either in real-time or after the birth. We will focus on fetal position (if known,) cervical exams (dilation, station, location and texture of cervix), labor patterns, and significant events during the delivery.

The purpose of this process is for you to more fully understand a specific birth, increase your understanding of fetal rotations and the soft tissues of the pelvis, and to gain more tools to better support future births.

single session

90 minutes - 1,200 NIS / $375 USD

6 Week Postpartum Visit

Rachel Shapiro with a client in a 6 Week Postpartum visit

At every stage of pregnancy and birth, your body changes.

Following birth, as well as needing to assess the healing of a possible tear or episiotomy, your uterus may develop a new position, your cervix may be in a new location or be less mobile, your vaginal tone and pelvic floor can change, your pelvic ligaments may be tight after birth (this is true for both a vaginal birth and a birth that ended in a cesarean delivery), and you may experience discomfort during sex that you did or did not have before.

A 6-week postpartum visit with a caring midwife will allow a full evaluation of your current physical health and an opportunity to ask questions about your birth and postpartum experience.

Schedule this visit for:

  • General check up after birth: vaginal tone, pelvic floor, pelvic health, and uterine health
  • Pain with sex
  • Pain or discomfort when you sit, walk, or stand up
  • A desire to have a provider explain and process your postpartum body and changes with you
single session (with pelvic floor assessment and well woman exam)

90 minutes - 1,200 NIS

Rachel Shapiro of Equilibrio working with a pregnant patient