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Balancing Birth Online Course

Advanced Bodywork Techniques for All Birth Professionals

Balancing Birth teaches advanced balance techniques in birth. You’ll start by assessing where baby is located and where they need more space, and then learn to provide focused treatment that helps the birth to progress with more ease and comfort.

Rachel Shapiro doing a balancing birth course with a pregnant woman
Rachel Shapiro, Founder of Equilibrio

Advanced Bodywork Techniques for All Birth Professionals

This unique course teaches advanced techniques to help balance the muscles, ligaments, and fascia during birth, and does not speak to positional changes. You’ll look at where the baby sits in 3 bony pelvic levels and 5 soft tissue pelvic levels, and how the baby is touching tissues at each level.​

You’ll learn hands-on techniques to balance muscles, ligaments, and fascia in order to make more space for the baby through the birth-giver’s body, which will help decrease interventions, aid in birth progress, and ease the birth-giver’s experience.

Birthworkers will become bodyworkers, as you learn the wisdom of touch together with the most up-to-date insights into the physiology of birth.

what you'll learn

By the end of this course, you’ll have a deep knowledge of each muscle, ligament, and fascia as related to external balance during birth, at each of the 5 soft tissue levels. You’ll also learn balancing protocols for addressing more than 20 birth situations. This profound understanding of birth physiology will transform how you assess and treat each client.

Download the detailed syllabus here.


Balancing Birth Online Course

When you join the Balancing Birth course you’ll get access to the program in January 2024. All learning will be self-paced, allowing for flexibility, PLUS you’ll have access to quarterly online workshops offered by Rachel Shapiro.​

You’ll have lifetime access to your cohort’s course materials.​

Your online training packet includes:

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    Short recorded videos
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    Advanced anatomy and physiology
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    Signs of imbalance in birth
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    Balancing techniques - clear “how-to” demonstrations on a live model
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    Study guides
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    Self-assessment quizzes
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    Balancing Birth Protocols pocket reference guide
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January 15, 2024

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60 Lessons

recommended pacing is 1 to 2 lessons per week
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2,499 USD

Early Registration until February 29, 2024
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